A complete range of personalized
wealth management strategies

Your financial life is complicated and ever changing. Through the full spectrum of financial services we offer, we can help you plan not only for your wide range of needs, but the long succession of significant events that will span your life.

We believe the formula for investment management should include the key components of thorough research, long-term planning, an understanding of current events, and a disciplined, well-managed relationship.

Thoughtful investment management is the cornerstone of our client relationships. What most of our clients have in common is that they either hope to retire, they are retired, or they want to stay retired – they understand that it is only possible if their assets are carefully managed. The point is assets need to work, they need to grow, they need to be capable of producing a lifetime of income, and be successfully passed to the next generation of your family.

Our top priority is help our clients personalize a plan to accumulate and preserve their wealth. Our experienced team of experts will work with you to build a diversified portfolio working towards your personal financial goals now and for future generations. We work side by side, whether you are a seasoned confident investor or simply a beginner, to develop and maintain a plan that fits you.

Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

While you are working hard at building your career and living your life, we work with you to develop and monitor a wealth accumulation plan based on your specific retirement goals and objectives. As you approach retirement, we will walk with you through the maze of “one time only” critical decisions – questions like “What should I do with my 401(k)?” “What money should I spend first?” “When should I take Social Security” “How can my spouse and I coordinate our Social Security benefits?” “What about long term care?” And most importantly, “How can I be sure our money will last as long as we do?”

Estate planning, sometimes referred to as legacy or succession planning, is an ongoing process based on changes in the law and your personal objectives. This is where our personal relationship with you can really make a difference. We offer financial strategies designed to efficiently manage the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. We work collaboratively with you, your family and your tax and legal professionals to establish a strategic financial plan for passing the assets you accumulated over your lifetime to future generations of your family.

If your financial goals include funding the future education of your family, we can help you develop an education funding strategy. Our team is experienced with investment vehicles including education savings accounts, 529 college savings accounts and specialized trust vehicles can make the goal a reality.

As a firm we understand and are committed to charitable giving. We understand the need and the many ways charitable giving can take place during one’s lifetime and after. When properly executed, charity is a source of great pride and satisfaction. It can be as simple as putting a small donation in the Salvation Army bucket during the holidays or as complex as establishing certain charitable trust(s) that will not only provide a donation but can also provide tax and income benefits to the donor. We get it, we do it and we make it personal.

Our team helps you navigate through the unique day-to-day challenges you face as a business owner. By gaining a thorough understanding of your business objectives, we develop, implement and monitor strategies for the future success of your business.

Our team is constantly assessing the risk of the unknown. We think ahead and consider various potential risks and personalize a contingency plan for you. While we understand risk cannot be eliminated entirely, it can and should be mitigated. Our risk management strategies may include life insurance, annuities, long-term care, disability insurance and liability insurance.

Taxes are inevitable – it is important that whatever decisions you make, including decisions concerning your investment programs, ownership of assets, and retirement plans be done with an awareness of how your tax situation will be impacted. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work – you are unique, your issues are unique, so your relationship with your financial advisor needs to be unique. Our team works collaboratively with you and your other professional advisors – accountants, tax attorneys – to minimize the impact of taxes.

Please note: Changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and as financial advisors of Raymond James, we do not render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.