Our Firm

Professional Planning Group is more than a name. It is the result of an idea and a dream.

The idea was to create a financial planning firm which would offer top notch professional services to individuals, families and businesses in a personal, caring atmosphere.

The dream in 1974 was to establish such a firm within our own growing Southeastern New England community.

Today, we believe Professional Planning Group is highly regarded as one of the finest financial planning firms in the Northeast.

Under the leadership of Malcolm A. Makin, CFP
®, our Investment Advisors and Financial Professionals bring years of experience, skill and understanding to the needs and concerns of clients.

Our world has become one of confusing economics and complex legislation. We are constantly faced with changes in tax laws, changes in investments and changes in retirement strategies. Small wonder that your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER
professional has become as important to your financial well being as your family doctor is to your physical well being.

We are professionals who can help you understand the financial world. We provide clear answers to complex questions.

Never has the need been more acute or the stakes higher.

Professional Planning Group is for the individual or family attempting to create an educated plan for savings and investments, plan for college, financially plan for loved ones against death or disability and prepare for the future.

Professional Planning Group is for the business or professional person who wants to attempt to mitigate taxes, increase cash flow, provide valuable employee benefits or select the most appropriate, up to date retirement plan.

Professional Planning Group is for the person planning for retirement. How much income will be needed? How should funds be balanced, diversified, and preserved? Is inflation a factor? What options should be selected from a company's retirement plan? These are just a few of the complex issues which must be addressed and considered.

If you manage a company or membership organization, Professional Planning Group offers an innovative, cost effective "fringe benefit service" which provides financial planning services to members or employees.

Professional Planning Group is for people who want to have a clear sense of where they are going.

Professional Planning Group is for people who have ideas of their own and want to be listened to.

Professional Planning Group is for people who want to make the most of their resources, who want to know what alternatives are available to them and who want to be treated as persons, not as numbers in a file.

We are committed to our clients, believing in them as individuals, treating them as equals and always putting them first. We have chosen to work under a code of ethics which demands the highest degree of personal and professional integrity. Perhaps, this is why so many have chosen us. It is the choice that can make the lifetime of difference.

One of the saddest penalties a person can ever pay is to discover during a time of need that their assumptions were incorrect and that planning was inadequate. To discover that unnecessary taxes, inappropriate investments, a poor retirement plan or inflation have reduced their dreams to rubble.

To discover that time is no longer a friend.

The philosophy of Professional Planning Group is quite simple. We believe that during your lifetime, it is not what you earn, but what you keep, that counts. And, after you are gone, it is not what you leave, but what remains, that matters.

We believe that the most appropriate time that you will ever have to plan for your financial well being is...