Professional Planning Group
Back row: Margaret Brady, Nadine Lariviere, Eileen Esposito, Daniel Makin CFP®, 
Christopher Wallace CFA, Peter Wallace, Garrett Babij, Donald Charbonnier, Jennifer Redmond, and Lee-Ann Kozora. Front row: Diane Nicol, Michael Ryan CFP®, Melissa Silva, Malcolm Makin CFP®, Lori Wycall, and Kathy Nealon CPA. 


Malcolm A. Makin, CFP® & President of Professional Planning Group appears on Heartbeat of America a national television program with William Shatner (7/12/05)


Professional Planning Group featured in The Wall Street Journal


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College Funding

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of your child’s education, based on the variables you input.

Savings Accumulation

Estimate the future value of your current savings.

Mortgage Refinancing

Determine whether you should consider refinancing your mortgage.

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IRS Flips on Rollover Rules

Starting in 2015, only one 60-day tax-free rollover each year will be allowed, no matter how many IRAs are owned.

Succession Planning and Life Insurance

How to help survivors from being forced to liquidate the business, sell assets, or borrow money to pay taxes and fees.

Experience U.S. National Parks by Volunteering

This article explores ways to enjoy a relatively inexpensive outdoor vacation.

The Appeal of Exchange-Traded Funds

Almost half of investors consider themselves “novices” when it comes to ETFs. This article explains how ETFs work.

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